Network against FGM/C in Somaliland (NAFIS)

Community Driven FGM/C Abandonment and Women Empowerment in Somaliland

The goal of this project funded by UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women (UNTF) is to save 12,000 girls from FGM/C and to empower over 13,000 marginalized women to claim their right to bodily integrity. The main strategies of the project include mobilizing local opinion leaders and establishing local discussion forums to challenge the norms and equipping marginalized women with human rights and legal perspectives to bodily integrity. The geographical focus is on rural and IDP communities in the Togdheer, Sahil and Marojideeh regions.

The goal will be achieved via first, raising the voice of local CSOs working against FGM/C by training nearly 1,000 local CSO members on the harmful effects of, and on religious and human rights aspects concerning FGM/C. Second, 150 religious and 210 traditional leaders are sensitized on the harmful effects of all types of FGM/C, and on their crucial role in fighting the practice. Third, the role of media and youth/students in eradicating FGM/C is enhanced by sensitizing 200 media representatives and 300 students on the harmful effects of, and on religious and human rights aspects concerning FGM/C. Fourth, women’s capacity to claim their right to bodily integrity is strengthened by ensuring that women living in internally displaced people’s communities have a firm understanding of legal, human rights as well as religious aspects concerning FGM/C.

In addition, the project has a separate component to respond to COVID-19 and to improve the institutional capacity and resilience of local women’s rights organizations to cope with crises. Read how COVID-19 has impacted FGM/C prevalence and efforts to abandon it in Somaliland.

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Somaliland Youth and Development Voluntary Organization (SOYDAVO)

Preventing sexual and gender-based violence and supporting women’s economic role 

The SOYDAVO project aims to solve gender-based violence in Togdheer region from two angles: by spreading knowledge about the negative consequences among rural and internally displaced people’s (IDP) communities, and by strengthening IDP women’s basic life and entrepreneurial skills. 

Since its initiation, SOYDAVO has helped 100 women in 20 villages to establish an anti-FGM committee, which has arranged several hundred public awareness sessions and private consultations regarding FGM. As a result, 15 mothers have been convinced to not cut their daughters in the most severe pharaonic type, which is the most prevalent type of cutting in the region 

44 local government officials, police and health officials, and village leaders have been trained on victim-sensitive reporting, investigation and division of responsibilities regarding gender-based violence cases. 

In terms of livelihood support, the 100 illiterate women enrolled in SOYDAVO’s trainings in the beginning of 2019 are now able to read, write, update their credit books and check their balances, for which they previously needed assistance from relatives. 

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Taakulo Somali Community

Preventing sexual and gender-based violence and supporting women’s entrepreneurial skills   

Taakulo is a development and humanitarian aid organization based in Hargeisa, Somaliland. Starting in October 2020, the project aims to create an environment free from violence against women and girls, and improves women’s entrepreneurial skills in five rural and internally displaced people’s (IDP) communities in Burco district, Togdheer region.

To achieve this, the project supports the coordination of Anti-FGM and GBV intervention among local civil society organizations and governmental institutions. It also mobilizes grassroots community leaders, villages committees, and youth to take active role to end FGM and GBV within their communities, as well as raises awareness of FGM and GBV through radio, TV, long siren microphone, and IEC materials. Additionally, 100 female Self-Help Group members are trained to have basic business management skills and a unified stand against FGM and GBV.

The project will utilize Women’s business, health & safety manual developed by ISF together with its local implementing partners to enhance the integration of violence prevention and livelihood support activities in Somaliland.  

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Kuvassa äiti ja tytär Kaltun ja Hamdi Somalimaasta.

Candlelight for Health, Environment and Education (Candlelight) 

Promoting livelihood resilience of agro-pastoral communities in Sheik District  

The project improves climate resilience of farm systems by harvesting rainwater, protecting soil from flood erosion and diversifying food production. It strengthens craftswomen’s capacity to lead and manage their sisal business through trainings and professional advice in product development and basic business skills and marketing, including literacy and numeracy skills.

Important part of the project is FGM prevention work.

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Agriculture Development Organization (ADO)

Promoting livelihood resilience of agro-pastoral communities in Togdheer region

The project develops Hawara cooperative’s leading, management and commercial capacity and supports climate resilience of food production through harvesting rainwater, constructing greenhouses with irrigation, capacitating farmers in climate smart agriculture methods and improving access to quality seeds. Sub-cooperative of 40 women manages independently irrigated vegetable production in greenhouses. Women also participate in the testing of the seed varieties and the leadership of local seed bank that was established by the project.

The project supports directly 400 farmers and their families.


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