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Ending female genital mutilation

Our Mission

We support local communities and decision-makers to eradicate female genital mutilation in Kenya and Somaliland

Female genital mutilation hurts the society as a whole

Female genital mutilation or FGM is a violation of the human rights of girls and women. It is a deep-rooted tradition that reflects extreme gender inequality. It is mainly done to girls, which makes it not only a violation of human rights, but a violation of childrens rights.

We work towards ending FGM by engaging grass-root and regional level decision makers, as well as mobilizing local communities to speak and act against FGM.


million girls and women globally have undergone female genital mutilation.

3 milj.

million girls are in danger of undergoing female genital mutilation annually.

How we do our work?

  • Increasing knowledge and dialogue among community members.
  • Mobilizing local duty bearers, such as religious leaders, helps us to challenge norms and disseminate information.
  • Working with local decision makers to enforce laws and mobilize resources.
  • Building trust by empowering women and communities, and helping build sustainable livelihoods.

49 000

people received informaito on the dangers of FGM.

87 %

of the parents in our project region in Somaliland do know that FGM is dangerous and unhealthy practice.

Grace Kerubo, KenYa

“Female genital mutilation is the greatest atrocity the girls in our communities face.”