Call for Proposals

The International Solidarity Foundation (ISF) is a Finnish non-governmental organization established in 1970. ISF’s mission is to support development that strengthens democracy, equality and human rights. ISF’s most important values are solidarity, equality, equity and participation. ISF has been supporting NGOs in Somaliland since 2001.

ISF’s work is based on the development vision according to which the preconditions for women and girls to live decent and happy lives will have improved. To implement this development vision, ISF promotes improved access to decent work and sustainable livelihood, and gender equality. Purpose of the ISF’s thematic program is that women’s and girls’ livelihood is improved and women’s right to self-determination has advanced in our operating areas.

As part of the implementation of its development cooperation program, ISF is now looking for a new partner organization in Somaliland for implementation of a project to integrate the promotion of women’s livelihood and prevention of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV), especially female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C). The project will utilize ISF Training Program for Women’s Empowerment (and related training manual), which provides a participatory framework to combine both areas of work.

The ISF Training Program aims at increasing the literacy, numeracy and small-scale business skills of women living under challenging circumstances, and to educate the community on the health, psychological, and social consequences of SGBV and FGM/C. The Training Program as well as the manual are in the piloting phase, so the selected partner is invited to test and develop them together with ISF.

>> Read the ISF Training Program’s table of contents

Project scope, purpose, location, and beneficiaries

The final beneficiaries of the proposed project should be girls and/or women who will be saved from SGBV (especially FGM/C), and marginalized women whose income generation opportunities will be improved. The project activities should take place in Togdheer region.

Direct beneficiaries (the so-called change agents) can consist of, for example, community management committee members, religious and traditional leaders, youths, or self-help group members.

The project time span is initially two years (2020–2021), but there is on option for additional 2+2 years (2022–2025). The annual budget of the proposed project should not exceed 130,000$.

The partner organization/s must fulfil the following criteria:

  • The organization must be registered from Ministry of Planning and National Development
  • The organization shares ISF’s development vision and ISF core values
  • The organization understands the importance of gender equality in livelihood projects and has the capacity to incorporate gender equality into all project activities as a cross-cutting theme
  • The organization has expertise in the field of community trainings, SGBV and FGM/C prevention, women’s (economic) empowerment and/or adult numeracy and literacy trainings
  • The organization is willing and able to conduct trainings and awareness sessions testing and utilizing the ISF Training Program
  • The organization must have adequate administrative and financial capacity to implement the project with ISF or at least demonstrate willingness to improve its capacity with ISF’s support
  • The organization must be committed to ISF’s standards and practices within its own operations
  • The organization has had local presence in Togdheer region for at least 2 years, and staff engaged in the proposed project located in Togdheer region

If your organization fulfils the above-mentioned criteria, please send your expression of interest by 15th of December 2019 to solidaarisuus@solidaarisuus.fi

For questions regarding the call, please contact ISF Training Officer Zeinab Mohamoud in Somaliland (available during office hours until December 12th): +252636569257/+252634697126

The expression of interest must include:

A concept note, which does NOT exceed 6 pages (font 12), and which responds to ALL of the questions below in the following order:

  1. Name of the organization & title of the proposed project
  2. Who are the direct and final beneficiaries of the proposed project (include estimated number by gender)?
  3. What are the main problems addressed by the proposed project?
  4. Can the proposed project be integrated into some of the ongoing project(s) implemented by the organization? How?
  5. Can the proposed project test and utilize the ISF Training Program as a tool in the project implementation? How? (find the table of contents behind a link below)
  6. Which other methods and activities will be employed in the proposed project?
  7. How does your organization view the nexus between promotion of women’s livelihood and prevention of sexual and gender-based violence and FGM/C?
  8. What are the main outcomes and outputs within the proposed project in 2020-21?
  9. What are the main outcomes and outputs to be achieved within the optional extension period 2022-25?
  10. Describe your experience in community trainings, SGBV and FGM/C prevention, women’s (economic) empowerment and/or adult numeracy and literacy trainings (including list of projects including such activities during the last 3 years)
  11. Briefly describe your organization (including mission, vision, strategy, structure, and geographical scope)
  12. Describe your experience in project and financial management (you can also attach the latest audit report, financial management guidelines, and human resources policy)

Supporting documents:

  • A copy of the registration certificate from the Ministry of Planning and National Development of Somaliland (required)
  • 1–2 reference letters introducing the organization’s previous work to empower women in Somaliland (required)
  • Organigram (required)
  • List of board members (required)
  • 1–2 latest external evaluations (optional)

Preference is given to organizations who have ongoing work with existing women groups in which the proposed activities can be integrated, and to organizations that target women with heightened vulnerability to SGBV.

ISF will contact the preselected organizations by December 31st 2019. The planning phase shall begin immediately after the partner selection, latest in February 2020, and the project implementation latest in June 2020.