International Solidarity Foundation’s (ISF) Performance Report 2018-2021

Marthan pystypuutarhaviljelmä

During the programme period, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the programme benefited over 200 000 people, of which 60% were women.

2021 was the last year of ISF’s 2018-2021 development cooperation programme.

The development cooperation programme aims to improve three objectives: Women and men are empowered to prevent violence against women, local economies are economically and ecologically sustainable and people and communities are empowered as instigators of global change.

COVID-19 impacted all ISF programme countries and had a disruptive effect on the lives of programme beneficiaries. The preventative measures taken by the governments forced ISF to quickly adapt to the new environment. Some activities were postponed or replaced with new ones. In most projects however, this did not significantly impact the expected outcomes and results.

The programme reached close to 25 000 direct beneficiaries of which 65% were women. In total, it benefited over 200 000 people, of which 60% were women.

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