International Solidarity Foundation’s Development Programme 2022-2025

Opetuspuutarha Keniassa.

The International Solidarity Foundation (ISF) is a Finnish development
organization, founded in 1970. This document describes ISF’s 2022-2025
Development Programme for promoting women’s livelihood resilience
and bodily integrity in East Africa. The programme is designed to
address gendered constraints to bodily integrity and women’s liveli-
hoods in Kenya, Somaliland, Puntland, and Ethiopia. It thus responds
to pressing challenges at a time when equality and women’s status are
at risk of deteriorating in many parts of the world.

Ethiopia and the Puntland State of Somalia are new programme areas
for ISF while the work in Kenya and Somaliland continues from the
current programme. By focusing on East Africa, ISF seeks synergies
between programme countries, including a deeper understanding of
the region, closer relations with local and regional actors, and cost-effi-
ciency benefits. The pool of countries also emphasizes least developed
countries and fragile contexts more than previous programmes.

This programme builds on past achievements and lessons learned. It
has been prepared in an inclusive and participatory manner that first
included the development of a theory of change and then the prepa-
ration of country-specific plans. Based on the country plans, best-fit
partners were then identified to implement the programme.