Community Driven FGM/C Abandonment and Women Empowerment project in Somaliland – Mid-term report

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Naisia Somalimaassa.

Evidence shows that the project is on the right track and the evaluated outcomes performed highly and delivered the desired results.

The Community-driven FGM/C Abandonment and Women Empowerment project is a three-year project from January 2020 to December 2022 which takes place in Somaliland. Two local partners, NAFIS Network and Candlelight, partner ISF for implementation of the project. The primary purpose of the evaluation was to confirm how the applied strategies and implementation methods were suitable to produce desired outcomes.

The evolving situation of COVID-19 pandemic led to delays in implementation which is why the midterm evaluation involved only three outcomes (1-3) which aimed at saving girls from FGM/C. The outcomes 4 and 5 aim at empowering women to claim their right to bodily integrity and will be evaluated through the final evaluation.

Findings of the midterm evaluation reveal the project to be meeting the key evaluation themes. The project was relevant to local needs, priorities, and stakeholders’ visions. The applied strategies, tools and mechanisms were also shown to be relevant. Overall, the project was efficient and effectively addressed the implementation challenges including COVID-19.

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