Call for Offers: Consultant team to evaluate the ‘Community Driven FGM/C Abandonment and Women Empowerment in Somaliland’ project

Marthan pystypuutarhaviljelmä

International Solidarity Foundation (ISF) has operated in Somaliland since 2000 to promote women’s rights, focusing particularly on the prevention of female genital mutilation (FGM) and promotion of women’s rights and livelihoods. In 2020-2022, ISF and two local implementing partners, Network Against FGC in Somaliland (NAFIS) and Candlelight for Environment, Education and Health has implemented a Community Driven FGM/C Abandonment and Women Empowerment in Somaliland project funded by UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women (UNTF EVAW).

The project has been implemented in all regions of Somaliland, focusing in rural and IDP communities in Toghdeer, Sahil, Awdal and Maroodi-Jeeh regions. The overall goal of the project is that girls avoid FGM, and IDP women engaged in self-help groups are empowered to claim for their right to bodily integrity. The expected outcomes are:

  1. Local civil society organizations (CSO) have a unified message and coordinated actions against FGM
  2. Religious/traditional leaders and Community Management Committees actively engage in efforts against FGM
  3. Media and students actively engage in efforts against FGM
  4. Women’s Cluster Level Associations engage in advocacy for women’s bodily integrity with respective women’s self-help groups
  5. ISF, NAFIS and its member CSOs are institutionally strengthened to sustainably respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and other crises while maintaining or adapting existing interventions to EVAW/G with a focus on the most vulnerable women and girls

ISF now seeks a consultant team to conduct a final evaluation to assess the effectiveness, relevance, efficiency, sustainability and impact of the project, as well as the cross-cutting objectives on gender equality and human rights. The starting date is latest November 21st, 2022, lasting till end of February, 2023.

The Evaluation Team should consist of one national or international consultant (Senior Evaluator), one national Evaluation Field Manager, local enumerators (and a report editor if needed). Evaluator(s) must be independent from any organizations that have been involved in designing, executing, managing or advising any aspect of the project. Preference will be given to women-led consultant teams, and teams with female enumerators.

Terms of Reference including evaluation questions and criteria, proposed evaluation design and methodology, evaluation team requirements, key deliverables and timelines

How to apply

The proposals must be submitted no later than October 30, 2022, to ISF Somaliland office isfsom@solidaarisuus.fi with the title UNTF final evaluation. ISF will choose the consultant according to the professional capacity of the consultant(s), the quality of the proposal, and the cost. Requested information:

  • CVs of the Senior Evaluator and Evaluation Field Manager to be engaged in this evaluation
  • Technical proposal including the dates allocated for this evaluation
  • Financial proposal including the consultant fees and number of days allocated for this evaluation
  • 2 writing samples of previous evaluation reports, conducted by the Senior Evaluator