Call for Offers

ISF Program followup data collection in Somaliland

International Solidarity Foundation (ISF) is a Finnish non-governmental organization, founded in 1970. ISF Development Cooperation Program 2018-2021 is based on the development vision according to which women and girls are free from violence and no one suffers from povertyIn Somaliland, ISF supports sustainable livelihoods and prevention of violence against women and girls, specifically female genital mutilation (FGM) since 2000. ISF implements its program through local partner organizations. 

The objectives and scope of the consultancy 

ISF is looking for a consultant to support us in data collection and analysis for the mid-term evaluation of three projects in SomalilandActing for women, fostering women’s emancipation from FGM/SGBV to improved livelihood in Togdheer region (implemented by SOYDAVO),  Enhancing agropastoral communities’ livelihood resilience in Togdheer region (ADO), and Enhancing the livelihood of agropastoral communities in Sahil region (Candlelight)The data collection shall cover the following ISF program indicators: 

Community members’ awareness of and attitudes against VAWG have strengthened (SOYDAVO project)

  • % of community members who know where victims of VAWG can seek help  
  • % of community members who are aware of negative health effects of pharaonic/other types of FGM 
  • % of community members who do not think pharaonic/other types of FGM are mandated by religion  
  • % of community members who do not believe women’s morality is guaranteed by FGM  
  • % of community members who aim to leave their daughters uncut cut their daughters without stiches 
  • % of targeted women who have access to micro-finance loans (SOYDAVO project, not ISF program indicator)

The quantitative data for above indicators will be collected among targeted women and men in 20 rural and internally displaced people’s (IDP) communities in Togdheer region. ISF has an OMBEA audio response system (2*30 pads) and related surveys that can be utilized for the quantitative data collection. 

Women’s status in family and local community has strengthened (SOYDAVO, Candlelight/sisal, and ADO projects) 

  • Women’s view of their opportunities to generate own income  
  • Women’s view of their opportunities to affect decisions on family spending, family planning etc. have improved 
  • Women’s view of their opportunities to affect decisions on community development have improved 
  • Women’s view of the risk of domestic violence 
  • Women’s view of their role and opportunities to abandon FGM 
  • Men’s view of women’s participation in income generation 
  • Men’s view of women’s participation in decisions on family spending, family planning etc. 
  • Men’s view of women’s participation in community development (incl. co-operative decision-making) 
  • Men’s view of the justifications and acceptability of domestic violence 
  • Men’s view of their role and opportunities to abandon FGM 

The qualitative data for above indicators will be collected among targeted women and men in around 20 rural and internally displaced people’s (IDP) communities in Togdheer region (ADO and SOYDAVO projects), and 4 rural villages in Sahil region (Candlelight project).

Contents of the tender 

Requested information and submission of tender: All required information shall be provided in the template which can be downloaded via this link (If you have technical problems with the template, please contact maria.vakiparta@solidaarisuus.fi). The tender must be submitted by May 17th, 2020. 

Selection process: ISF will choose the consultant according to four main criteria’s:

  1. the professional capacity,
  2. experience in women’s livelihood and VAWG prevention in Somaliland,
  3. the quality of the tender,
  4. the cost of the tender.

ISF will inform the selected candidate by May 31st, 2020.